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 Listing Action Plan for CRM (Top Producer)
By: Darin "Sid" Cameron, CRS
Thu, Sep 14th, 2006 8:37 pm

Would love to have some other agents give me feedback on this.

I’m in the process of creating a Listing Action Plan for Top Producer (or ACT if I ever get it up and running).

Below is a rough draft of things that need to be done for our listing process.  It is NOT in order of priority or based on time frames (although eventually it will need to be).

I’ve broken it down by categories based on our marketing activities brochure (For example, “install a lawn sign and Supra” is under “In-House Activities”).  I will determine time frames and priorities as the next step.

If there are more established agents that would like to fill in any holes that they can think of, I'd appreciate it.  (i.e. Things I’ve forgotten about or haven’t included)

(FYI: I created this outline in MS Word and unfortunately HTML doesn't know how to handle the outline structure, so I've tried to use dashes to show the outline... which doesn't really work that well, sorry)

Things that need to be done with a new listing:

MLS Pre-listing Related Activities:

1)     Kim inspects the home and approves it for listing

- a.     Fill out listing contract with client

2)     Home has to be submitted to the MLS/Maris

- a.     Turn in paperwork to office admin

- b.    What else????  I don’t know this process as it's mostly done by Kim and Randee.

Marketing Related Activities

1) Pre-Marketing Activities:

- a.     Take Photos (Sid)

- b.    Set up (800) number extension (Sid)

- - i.    Need body copy from Maris first (Kim)

2) Internet Marketing

- a.     Update listing with additional photos/body copy (5 days after Maris (MLS) entry)

- - i.    Must be in Maris (MLS) first

- b.    Add Featured Home link on (Sid)

- - i.    Must be in Maris first

- c.     Create Internet Video Tour (Sid)

- - i.    Need Maris body copy first as well as photos

- - ii.    Link to Maris

- - iii.    Link to

- - iv.    Post to Craigslist

- - - 1.     refresh every 30 days

- - v.    Post to Backpages

- - - 1.     refresh every 30 days

- - vi.    Post to Secondary Sites

- - - 1.     MSN Group, Yahoo Group,,,,

- d.    E-mail internal Clients who may be interested in home

- e.     What else do we or should we do here?

3) Direct Mail

- a.     Neighborhood Postcards

- - i.    Pull database for neighborhood postcard (Kim)

- - ii.    Tell Sid how many post cards are needed (Kim)

- - iii.    Design and Print Postcards (Sid)

- - iv.    Mail Postcards

- b.    Agent Postcards

- - i.    Determine if Agent cards are to be sent

- - ii.    Pull database for neighborhood postcard (Kim)

- - iii.    Tell Sid how many post cards are needed (Kim)

- - iv.    Design and Print Postcards (Sid)

- - v.    Mail Postcards

- c.     Additional Direct Mail

- - i.    Determine if other direct mail is to be sent

- - ii.    Pull database for direct mail (Kim)

- - iii.    Tell Sid how many pieces are needed (Kim)

- - iv.    Design and Print Piece (Sid)

- - v.    Mail Piece

4) Industry Promotions

- a.     MLS Listing

- - i.    Add photos and update basic listing

- b.    Contact agents who may have potential customers

- - i.    Personal e-mails

- - ii.    Personal phone calls

- c.     Agent Open House

- - i.    Set up time with Property Owner

- - ii.    Plan Lunch (Kim)

- - - 1.     Order Food

- - - 2.     Contact Title Company if applicable.

- - - 3.     Coordinate with other agents if applicable

- - - 4.     Pick up plates, napkins, etc.

- - - 5.     What else is Actually Done Here????

- - iii.    Submit request to Prudential

- - iv.    E-mail Campaign

- - - 1.     Pull database of agents (Kim)

- - - 2.     Create e-mail/webpage

- - - 3.     e-mail agents (Sid)

- - - 4.     e-mail reminder (Sid)

- - v.    Fax Campaign

- - - 1.     Pull database of offices (Kim)

- - - 2.     Create fax (Sid)

- - - 3.     fax offices (Sid)

- - vi.    Office Invitations

- - - 1.     Create Invitations

- - - 2.     Mail or drop off invitations to offices

- - vii.    Personal Invitations

- - - 1.     Call agents you want to personally attend

- - - 2.     e-mail agents you want to personally attend

- - viii.    Day of activities

- - - 1.     Put up arrows and signage

- - - 2.     Prepare home

- - - 3.     Remove arrows and signage

- d.    Any other Agent to Agent marketing that is or should be done?

5) Print and TV Advertising

a.     Submit paperwork for a Post-Dispatch listing

i.    I don’t know this process, what is involved?

b.    Verify if home qualifies for a company secondary listing

i.    Do we need to do anything else to get this?

c.     Homes Magazine (or other)

i.    Layout and submit ads

d.    Submit home for Plaza Mortgage Ad if applicable

e.     Submit home to Real Estate TV(Time frame: Week 8)

6) In Home Materials

- a.     Outdoor Signage

- - i.    Install Lawn Sign (and arrows)

- - ii.    Install Brochure Box

- - - 1.     Brochure Flyer needs made first

- - - 2.     Verify weekly Brochure box is full

- - iii.    Install Supra/Lockbox

- - - 1.     Need a Key first from client/Kim

- b.    Internal Signage and Literature

- - i.    Brochure Box Flyer (Sid) (Time frame: ASAP)

- - ii.    Disclosures (Kim) (Time frame: ASAP)

- - iii.    Temporary Maris Flyers (Kim) (Time frame: ASAP)

- - iv.    Night Owl Neighborhood Report (Kim) (Time frame: ASAP)

- - v.    Internal Signs (Sid) (Time frame: Within one week)

- - - 1.     need installed

- - vi.    Prudential Alliance Flyer (Kim)

- - - 1.     submit request to company?

- - - 2.     I don’t know this process.  What is involved?

- - vii.    Folded Brochure (Sid) (Time frame: Within two weeks)

- - viii.    Home Tour CD’s (Sid) (Time frame: Within two weeks)

- - - 1.     Need Night Owl Report e-mailed from Kim

- - - 2.     Need Disclosures e-mailed from Kim

- - ix.    Self-Guided Tour Flyers (Sid) (Time frame: Within four weeks)

- - - c.     Determine if Talking House is Needed

- - - d.    What Else???

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