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 Next Task After Relocating - Get to Know Your New Neighbors
by: Marikor Hidalgo
Fri, Mar 5th, 2010 9:54 pm

One of the biggest decisions most home owners would have to go through at least once in their lives is to move to another home in an entirely new location. Given the premise there is not much knowledge about the new place, the task to relocate would then seem overwhelming. But the key to an easier adjustment process is to have a sense of support. Then, let your guard down and get to know your new neighbors after you relocate. Establishing new relationships can take your mind off other negative things related to relocating. This can also be a means to gain possibly enduring friendships.

There are many advantages that can come out from breaking the ice with your new neighbors. Most of your new neighbors have probably lived in the area for many years already. Thus, they have had experiences that they can impart with you, which you can learn invaluable lessons from. They can share in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of the community which can be relatively better information than those found in real estate listings. There are also people who are hospitable enough to assist and welcome new members to the neighborhood. They can tell you small details like phone numbers of local facilities or directions to the Chamber of Commerce, local hot spots and other key amenities in the area. Through their help, your endeavor to feel at home in this new area can be achieved almost instantaneously.

Getting to know your neighbors come in various approaches and a multitude of ways. Below are some common activities most 'newcomers' do after relocating to a new community:

1. Organize a house warming party. It can be a potluck, cocktail night, barbecue afternoon or a kids' play date party. Whatever kind of party you will organize, remember that it should reflect your lifestyle and personality. Introduce yourself and your family, if any, to each of your guests. Devote ample time to each guest so they can all feel truly welcome. Giving them a small souvenir after the party would show them how much you appreciate their effort to come by your house.

2. Make time to socialize in public venues. Recreational spaces such as club houses, parks, community gardens and sports centers are some of the usual places many people frequently go to. Inquire about local clubs, support or advocacy groups are some of the common socialization means to meet other people. Community activities such as council meetings, public forums, volunteer work or service, seminars and workshops are a few of the events you might want to try participate in. These venues and events are your means to meet people who have the same interest as yours. And more importantly, these are the ways you can be familiarized with the economic, political and socio-cultural arena of the locality. With that in hand, you can then feel a heightened sense of belonging.

3. Use your front yard. Hanging out in this outdoor space is a surefire tactic to greet your neighbors who are passing by. Make small conversations and if you sense that the other person is receptive enough, sustain it by chatting about general topics. Note that you still have to maintain both of your privacy. Take your time in building the trust between you.

4. Arrange special activities if you have kids. A carpool to school is one way your kids can meet the neighborhood children. As they establish rapport, your kids can feel more confident going to school because they already know some of the kids there. This would also be an opportunity for you and the other parents and/or guardians to be comfortable trusting each other. Taking a stroll in the neighborhood can make them see the local hangout places. They can then pick which one to go to and there they can come across kids the same age as theirs.

Anything new is almost always presumed to be frightening. But to break the ice with your new neighbors would definitely make you feel more at ease in your new place. In no time at all, you will find yourself enjoying in this whole new area.

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