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 Is St Louis Really Dangerous? The Good News
By: Darin "Sid" Cameron, CRS
Thu, Nov 2nd, 2006 4:32 pm

Today we're going to finalize our analysis of the report which the Associated Press used to name St Louis the most dangerous city in the U.S. Yesterday we explained the unique circumstances that make St. Louis a unique market as well as saw some very positive statistics about the whole of the metropolitan area.

If it Quacks Like a Duck…

The real question about this news is why did Morgan Quitno release a 28 page report that dissects the statistics in several ways, yet when they wrote their press release they chose to focus on St. Louis City?

Why do they let you know that Detroit came in second in the city category and first in the metropolitan category, but then give no reference to St. Louis’ second (and more positive) ranking or mention Memphis- number two in the Most Dangerous Metro category?

The answer: Clearly Morgan Quitno is trying to take advantage of the national media attention surrounding St. Louis and Detroit after the World Series in an attempt to sell more reports.

The Good News

Despite the negative sensationalism, I personally see the report as positive- since the crime in the St. Louis Metro isn’t much higher than the national average (and the metro area even failed to make the Top 100 “Most Dangerous List”).

The discrepancy between the St Louis City statistics (which are high) and the St Louis Metropolitan statistics (which are just average) is a problem that our region needs to address. But as a potential relocation client, seeing that the St. Louis metropolitan area as a whole actually compares very favorably to other metropolitan area can be extremely comforting.

All towns have crime regardless of how large or small they are.  But instead of basing decisions on where to live, work and play on a news story looking to piggyback on the World Series hype, take the time to educate yourself by doing simple tasks like visiting local, state and federal government websites which can give you a much better view of crime statistics- here or elsewhere.

More over, the recent increases in St. Louis City population is following millions in public and private redevelopment in areas such as the Washington Street loft district, The St. Louis side of the Delmar Loop, South City, and Downtown. This redevelopment is finally giving the city the one thing it has desperately needed for over 50 years- an expanding tax base.

The most positive aspect of this whole situation, however, has to be the fact that politicians love to make knee jerk reactions to negative press. It’s a given that new state and federal grants will probably find its way into the pockets of the St. Louis City Police Department because this report validates the need. After all, this is why the FBI tracks these statistics in the first place.

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